Emmy Award-Winning Alumnus at Morning Ex

Miles Glickman ’02 recently returned to the school to share his story of working with a team of filmmakers to produce an Emmy Award-winning documentary.

In his remarks, Glickman described the film’s origin story—a trip to Nepal he took with some classmates following their graduation from college. The group was shooting footage of extreme sports and driving golf balls above base camp at Mt. Everest as part of this trip.

While hitting golf balls in the Himalayas, locals and Sherpas watching them continually asked the group if they had met “the girl.” Curiosity led these visitors to Pratima Sherpa, a young girl raised in a maintenance shed behind the third hole of the Royal Nepal Golf Course. The film they created based on this experience, A Mountain to Climb, follows Sherpa’s pioneering efforts to become the first female golf pro in her country. The film won an Emmy for Outstanding Short Sports Documentary in 2018.

Glickman then shared segments of the film before fielding questions and leaving the audience with the following advice:
  • As Parker students, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to be a good global citizen.
  • Be kind, be generous and be fresh every day.
  • Go big or go home, and if you’re a long way from home, you’ve only got one option. It’s okay to go home, but if you go home without a story, you might as well not have gone at all.
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