Tour France with the Upper School!

As part of their work during the first semester, Upper School French I and II students designed elaborate Google virtual tours, which are available in the Kovler Family Library.

Student tours include a mesmerizing selection of navigable 360-degree photos along with personalized audio and written commentary featuring a variety of French regions and Parisian districts (arrondissements). These experiences are available in the Kovler Family Library on the large monitors in the main section of the library—or on any device from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere. Simply click on the name of each tour to embark upon your virtual excursion.
A big “merci” to Annette Lesak and all of the ILIS staff for assisting with this project’s development and wonderful display. The next time you’re in the library, we hope you’ll check out these innovative virtual explorations. Bon voyage!  

Click here for photos.
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