Bite into an Independent Study on Nutrition

Senior Madeline Friedman has spent the last semester engaged in an Independent Study taking a closer look at people’s relationships with food. By studying diet, food and nutrition, Friedman wanted to gain a deeper understanding of why we need/choose to eat certain foods and how the human body processes and uses nutrients. 
During the past semester, Friedman has explored a different topic each week using texts and resources as well as input from faculty advisor and science teacher Leslie Webster and her fellow instructors. From macro- and micronutrients, their uses in the body and beyond, Friedman's study followed her pursuit of knowledge and even included reaching out to professional nutritionists and dieticians to learn more from them and pose direct questions.
One of Friedman’s objectives with this Independent Study was to make more people aware of what food they need to put into their bodies and why they should or shouldn’t eat certain foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, as part of her final project she has developed this presentation to share with our community.
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