Art Abounds Throughout Parker

The Parker community believes that growth in understanding, ability and confidence occur when students are exposed to new questions, perspectives and ideas. This growth is taking place in the Art Department as students learn new modes of expression that help them develop and define their voice.

For example, 5th grade students created digital drawings of animals using the school’s new Apple pencils and the Procreate app. “These artists used sketching, painting and texture layers in Procreate to examine and draw their diverse creatures,” Visual Arts Department Co-Chair Katie Palmer shared. Eighth grade students considered the photo as an object. Taking the static photo, the 8th graders weaved, punched holes, tore, painted, stitched and reconfigured their printed images to create all-new pieces of art. Finally, Upper School students in Photo I and II captured a studio portrait and an environmental portrait of an assigned partner that reveals something unique, authentic and honest about both the photographer and the subject.

Under the guidance of Parker’s faculty, students grow as they develop their comprehension and range of artistic talents, while, hopefully, engendering in them a passion for the arts.

Click here to see examples of their work.
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