Upper School Students Face Off in Economics Debate

Students in Upper School History teacher Kevin Conlon’s Economics and Society class recently butted heads in a face-off of economic proportions. Conlon and this group of sophomores, juniors and seniors invited members of the community to attend and observe the dispute to see if these Upper School advocators could sway the observers to their side of the issue.

Conlon split the class in two to prepare remarks on a debate between proponents of Modern Monetary Theory vs. more orthodox economic theory, focusing on whether or not the United States should worry about the deficit and growing national debt. Assistant Principal Priyanka Rupani, Upper School History teacher Otis Pope, Visual Arts Department Co-Chair Kay Silva and Middle and Upper School Director of Studies Sven Carlsson were on hand to listen to each student’s remarks and observe the back and forth as each side tried to advocate for their position. “As always, I enjoy watching the students show up with what they’ve learned and get into debating their assigned position, then consider where they stand on the issue,” Conlon shared. “Students also know this topic will be of growing importance in our national economy.”

Expert discourse and intelligent rebuttals were the highlights of this debate, and students and observers left with a more well-rounded understanding of these two opinions.

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