Sophomore Wins Young Hero Grant

Parker is proud to announce that sophomore Saroya Ornelas Pagnucci is the recipient of the Hershey Heartwarming Young Hero Grant!

The grant offers her the opportunity to create Children’s Literacy Kits for children who are homeless and part of the Chicago HOPES For Kids organization. Pagnucci is striving to combat educational inequity, which disproportionately affects low-income, minority children. She is seeking assistance with this endeavor and will be collecting literacy-related donations the week of April 25.

There will be a collection box in the Front Alcove. For any questions, please contact

Suggested Donation Items Include
Phonics workbooks
Letter recognition workbooks
Early childhood to grade 2 reading, writing and comprehension workbooks
Alphabet letters
Letter flashcards
Sight word flashcards
Small rhyming games or puzzles 
Small consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) puzzles or games 
Small letter puzzles 
Fabric markers
Mad Libs
Highlights magazines 

Other possibilities
Small boxes of markers
Small boxes of crayons
Pipe cleaners
Wiki Sticks
Story cards
Mini Doodle Pros
Bob books
Early Reader books 
Picture books 
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