JK Classrooms Celebrate Day of Reading

JK teachers welcomed parent and guardian readers to their classrooms in 15-minute shifts for an entire academic day as part of a “Day of Reading.”

Teachers Stacey Buehler, Jeremiah Howe and Tisha Johnson wanted to provide a safe, inviting and accessible way to welcome parents and guardians back to volunteering in the classroom after a long hiatus due to COVID. Knowing their charges love stories, and knowing that each child was a member of a family that was likely reading books at home each night, they hatched a plan to invite folks to come to the classroom to share one of their family’s favorite books with their child and their peers.

The JK Day of Reading welcomed nearly 60 parent/guardian readers dropping by to share one of their little one’s favorites with them and their classmates. Titles ranged from A Friend Like You to A Unicorn named Sparkle to Be Who You Are to Space to Families are Different, to name a few, and every visiting reader brought something special to the story they shared.

Buehler shared, “Our class was so excited for this event. They decorated a reading chair with ribbons and a banner welcoming our guest readers.” Johnson offered, “We loved seeing the children light up when parents entered the classroom. We enjoyed listening to new stories as well as stories that we have heard before. Our first JK Read Day was a success because of the parents!” Finally, Howe added, “It was great to have the classroom alive with parents again. It’s something that's been missing. What’s more, it was nice having families demonstrating to the children the power of reading. The children couldn’t get enough. There was no point during the day besides departmental classes when a child wasn’t being read to. Such a joy!”

Great work to all involved and we hope to see more volunteering in the classroom in the future.

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