WWII Expert Shares His Stuff

Upper School history students learned more about World War II from Parker alum and passionate history enthusiast Michael Grant ’62.

Grant made his career in finance. As a lifelong learner who is passionate about World War II, he seeks opportunities to share the wealth and depth of his knowledge with others. Five years ago, Grant reached out to Parker’s History Department to see if he might speak with Parker students. Since 2018, Grant has visited Bigelow’s Upper School history classes annually—both in person and via Zoom during the height of the pandemic—to offer students and teachers a deeper look at this important time in history.

This year, Grant met in person with three sections of Upper School history students, using visuals to help communicate his deep knowledge of the European theater of combat during World War II and his intimate understanding of military strategy in the conflict.

Bigelow described Grant as “… a man who knows a dangerous amount about history…” Based on each of the three classes Grant led this week, all who participated left with a better understanding of the war and its ramifications globally.

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