Students Pursue Passions, Win Gold Medals

The Parker community understands and believes in the benefits of developing students who are passionate about their scholastics but also how they spend their time outside the school walls. And it is through the development of these passions that Parker students grow as learners, citizens and complete community members. Recently, two brothers traveled to Florida to continue pursuing their passion for martial arts.

The Cortez-Bzdusek brothers—2nd grader Alex and 6th grader Bradley—competed in the 2022 Karate AAU Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this summer, earning Gold Medals in their respective age categories.

Furthermore, Bradley participated for the first time in the 2022 WUKF World Karate Championship in Ft. Lauderdale, earning Bronze in Kumite after a tough round against Mexico. “Bradley felt very excited to meet competing peers from all over the globe,” mother Liliana Cortez explained, “but was particularly moved by being able to exchange a token with another 11-year-old competitor from Ukraine.”

“I feel that the boys represent not just themselves, their dojos and country,” Cortez said, “but also the school they attend, since it’s their second home.” Parker is extremely proud of Alex and Bradley! Their hard work and dedication to their passion serves as a prime example to their peers and other members of Parker’s model home.

Click here to enjoy a video of Alex’s time at the AAU Nationals.
Click here to enjoy a video of Bradley’s time at the AAU Nationals.
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