Student Designers Create Covers for Aspiring Authors

Upper School students in Travis Chandler’s Photoshop class recently put their newly acquired skills to some practical use when they designed book covers for their peers who recently completed novels as part of their participation in National Novel Writing Month.

To make this project a reality, Library Assistant Eric Rampson worked with Chandler to provide student designers with an accounting of the participating authors, an overview of their novels and back cover copy for each book. Rampson works with interested students each year to help them contribute their talents to this initiative.

Designers modified digital images and worked with typography to develop a range of treatments to share with Rampson, who reviewed them with the student authors, then conveyed feedback to the designers to arrive at their final products.

Chandler observed, “This was our first year of this project, and it was a definite success. We enjoyed the opportunity to design visuals representing the visions of aspiring authors. For the Photoshop students, and for the authors, this was a real win-win.”

Enjoy the covers from this project here.
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