Longtime Partnership Celebrated at Morning Ex

A group from the Midwest Workers Association visited Parker this week for a special Morning Ex to celebrate a partnership that stretches beyond 20 years.

Upper School History teacher Kevin Conlon opened the Morning Ex by speaking about the history of this organization and its roots in Chicago. Conlon explained how many in Chicago and the U.S. don’t have enough money to buy all the things they need to live a comfortable life. He talked about how the economy, race and racially motivated laws have led to areas with under-resourced schools and housing valued less than homes in other neighborhoods. This disparity inspired the work of the Midwest Workers Association.

Volunteers shared with students that MWA is a South Side Chicago community organization that serves the needs of its membership in the Englewood and Pullman neighborhoods. “Members help other members meet survival needs while we fight to eradicate the government policies that have led to job losses, poverty wages and rising expenses,” said MWA. They spoke about their history, their work and why that work is vital. For example, the MWA had to fight for the rights of residents who had their heat unfairly shut off during a freezing cold spell this winter. The volunteers also talked about the 20-year partnership with Parker on MWA’s annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Anyone interested in supporting this organization can click here to learn about the Super Bowl Tamale Benefit!
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