Black is Beautiful

First grade students in Beth Joebgen’s class celebrated Black History Month by reading and discussing biographies and stories by Black authors and illustrators.

In their work together, Joebgen talks about Black history as American history and points out that although they spotlight Black and Brown stories during the month of February, it is just as important to weave these stories into their learning all year long.

After reading Nancy Johnson James’ book Black: The Many Wonders of My World (The Colors of My Life) and Angela Joy’s Black is a Rainbow Color, Joebgen led her charges in discussing the beauty of the color black and brainstormed things in the world that are black and beautiful, such as hair, shadows, birds, piano keys, blackberries and activists. They then drew pictures, painted with watercolors and wrote metaphors highlighting this beauty and shared their work outside their classroom.

See how beautiful black can be here.
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