Lower and Intermediate Schools Welcome March Mathness

In honor of March Mathness at Parker, the Lower and Intermediate Schools gathered for a special Morning Ex to share the ways different grades and classes approach math.

To kick things off, JK-Buehler came on stage to demonstrate how their class uses music and dancing to work on math with the song “Two Little Chickens.” SK-O’Brien then showcased their use of acting and performing to help visualize and solve different math problems. Next, SK-Moore presented a video of students using Thinking Pads to help them break down different problems. After this video, 1-Pilcher explained a fun game called Balls in a Bin, in which Player 1 has to hide a certain number of balls in a bin and Player 2 has to use a Number Line to figure out how many balls have been hidden. Students from 2-Washington presented Countdown Game that involved a circle of classmates practice counting down from 100 using different numbers. Next, students in 3-Palfrey and 3-McCullom presented videos of their activities, including “Are Multiplication and Division Related?” and “Collection Go Fish, Capture 5, Build a Number”.” Finally, students in 4-Pickus explained the types of Story Actions present in different addition and aubtraction word problems.

Hearing from these students from across the grade levels helped to show how hard they are working and the types of interesting ways Parker’s fabulous faculty allow these young minds to grapple with math concepts.

Click here for photos of this Morning Ex.
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