MS PVE Collabs with Northwestern

By Middle School Chorus Director Rob Denien
This past Tuesday, the Middle School’s Pop Vocal Ensemble, an extracurricular choir, traveled to Evanston to perform and work with music education students at Northwestern University. This is the third time Northwestern and Pop Vocal Ensemble have collaborated and the first time students have been able to go to the university!

In true Parker fashion, our students not only got to showcase their learning for others, but they also gave back by helping aspiring teachers feel more comfortable and confident in their emerging craft. Our students’ presence, focus and engagement were as strong as their singing.

Students started the day at the stunning Ryan Center for the Performing Arts, performing songs for Professor Stevi Marks and students enrolled in her Choral Methods class. After the performance, several Northwestern students had the opportunity to conduct and teach our students some new tunes. Students were then able to learn more about Northwestern’s Music Education program and had time to ask questions of the university students and professors. They enjoyed learning that Mr. Tang and I both went through the same program at Northwestern and that both teachers participating in the day took the very same class!

After performing and sharing music, Pop Vocal Ensemble singers enjoyed a bit of a “day in the life” as a college student. They had lunch at Northwestern’s Norris Center and then ended their day taking in the lovely weather, exploring the campus along the lake.

Enjoy pictures and videos taken during our trip here and below.

Pop Vocal Ensemble meets weekly on Friday mornings in the Chorus Room from 7:15 to 8 a.m. New members are always welcome.
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