A Holi Morning Ex with SASA

Members of the Upper School South Asian Student Alliance (SASA) shared a fun, interactive and informative Morning Ex with their peers about the celebration of Holi.

As a student club in its inaugural year, SASA wanted to build upon the success of its Diwali Morning Ex to tell the assembled community more about the second-most important celebration in the Hindu faith, Holi.
Known as the Festival of Colors, the Festival of Spring and the Festival of Love, Holi, according to the students, is one of the most popular festivals in Hinduism, celebrating the eternal and divine love of the god Radha and Krishna and honoring the triumph of good over evil.

Presenters shared that Holi, celebrated throughout all regions in India, but primarily in the north, is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive and spend time with family and friends. Students shared music videos of traditional Holi festivities, which include throwing colored powders in a fun celebration filled with Bollywood music, dancing and big parades and parties surrounding the concept of good over evil.

SASA members then solicited volunteers from the audience to participate in Holi trivia. Four students from different grades used white boards to respond to a series of multiple-choice questions centering around Holi, India and its culture. Students learned that the universal law of cause and effect came out of Hinduism and is called “karma,” the wheel on the flag of India stands for progress, and Holi was first celebrated in the 4th century CE. Participants received candy for their efforts.

In closing, students played a rousing music video featuring a Holi celebration and encouraged all to celebrate Holi with the Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts on Saturday, March 18. More information on the event is available here and photos from this gathering is available here.
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