“Little Shop” Morning Ex Excites and Informs

The school community learned more about this year’s Upper School musical Little Shop of Horrors in a recent preview Morning Ex.

Upper School Drama teacher and director Cassie Slater shared more about the history of the show, introduced the many individuals who combined their efforts to make it possible and performed their rendition of “Skid Row (Downtown).”

Students viewed excerpts of the original 1960 film featuring a very young Jack Nicholson, as well as a trailer for Frank Oz’s star-studded version with Rick Moranis, Ellen Green, John Candy, Bill Murray, Steve Murray and more. Slater spoke to the timeless themes of consumerism and consumption, which resonate with current audiences, and provided a historical perspective of the concept of “Skid Row,” a centralizing element in the story.

Slater gave credit to all the students and professionals who have been working together since early January to make this year’s show a reality, including the musicians, choreographer, stage crew and actors—each of whom has dedicated more than 100 hours of their time to this year’s production.

The student performance that closed the assembly left everyone wanting more, which was ideal since the show’s planned opening was scheduled for later that evening.

Enjoy photos from this experience here and click here to make plans to see the show!
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