Third Graders Report on Inspirational People at Morning Ex

Third grade students presented what they had learned about various inventors, artists, scientists, authors and more at two special Morning Exes for the school and their parents this week. All the 3rd graders read books about former First Lady Michelle Obama, mathematician Katherine Johnson, conservationist and author Rachel Carson and artist Yayoi Kusama. From there, students chose to learn more about one of these four women and what they studied or another innovative person from history.

In addition to researching basic facts about each person, the students also considered their similarities, differences and ways they immersed themselves in another’s story. This exercise is more commonly known as recognizing mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors. For example, one student, Charlie, researched Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and found a mirror in that they both like to build things, a window in that he lives in the United States and a sliding glass door in that Hadid has inspired Charlie to become an architect someday.

The 3rd grade hoped their presentations encouraged the audience to learn more about people who inspire them. Parker encourages students to explore different perspectives and understand how history can influence and inspire students’ unique experiences.

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