A Special Thanks and Farewell

The school community recently gathered to honor retiring faculty and staff members Jimmy Contreras, Gary Childrey, Anne Nelson, Lorin Pritikin and Chris Turner for more than 120 years of combined service to Parker and its students.
Principal Dan Frank opened the Morning Ex by thankiing these Parker people personally, then spoke on the efforts  and impact of Pritikin and Contreras in holding up Parker’s model home. Visual Arts teacher Anne Blasko took to the stage to thank Turner for his effect on the Art Department. And former counselor Binita Donohue talked about Childrey’s ability to help drive her forward and improve in her work. Finally, Mike Mahany and Peg Zerega teamed up to discuss Nelson and f her love and involvement as the School Nurse.
The Upper School Grape Jam group sang a tribute to these fabulous members of the Parker community as the conclusion to the Morning Ex.

Click here for photos from this gathering.
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