Juniors Retreat to End the School Year

For the first time in their Upper School career, the class of 2024 took off for an old-school overnight retreat—the first junior overnight retreat since the spring of 2019, before the pandemic. For two days and “one night only,” the juniors embarked on a class journey of bonding and reconnecting at YMCA Camp Duncan in Ingleside, Illinois. The junior Grade Heads, Mr. Bigelow and Ms. Lesinski , planned a jam-packed two days of fun, reflection, processing, music and even dancing. A variety of faculty and staff joined the festivities as well. 

The class of 2024 showed up and demonstrated their true colors as a vibrant, active and wonderful group of people. Their respect for the YMCA staff and each other was immeasurable and appreciated. They celebrated how far they have come and the trials and tribulations of navigating junior year. They are more than ready for that next big step—senior year! 

Click here for photos.
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