Middle Ages Come Alive in 5th Grade

Fifth graders transformed their classrooms into interactive monasteries, town markets and castles from the Middle-Ages to share what they had been learning as part of this year’s medieval presentations.

Blacksmiths, barber-surgeons and the bubonic plague are just some of the roles and topics these 5th grade historians shared as part of their multi-day immersive medieval curriculum. Each student assumed the role of an assigned character in their transformed medieval classroom environment and communicated all they knew with other students and adults. Scribes and sculptors shared more about their activities, while peer troubadours, traders, friars and heretics did the same. Whether one was looking for a primer on alchemy, to learn more about the advantages of the longbow versus the trebuchet or simply to appreciate the wares of skilled tradespeople and artisans, the 5th grade classrooms proved the place to be. An extensive amount of research and writing lies beneath the surface of this unique experience, which younger students look forward to and older students happily revisit with a smile.

Parker looks forward to celebrating these students again in June, when Principal Dan Frank will formally dub each of them and welcome them to the “Kingdom of Fifthenham,” like generations of Parker 5th grade students before them.

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