Senior Awarded National Merit Scholarship

Congratulations to senior Jack Kahn on receiving a National Merit Scholarship!
Kahn is one of 1.5 million high school students who enter the National Merit Scholarship Program each year. What’s more, he is among the 7,250 finalists selected to receive Merit Scholarship Awards, securing a $2,500 single-payment scholarship to the college of his choice.

Kahn’s teachers appreciate all he brings to class each week. When notified of Kahn’s accolade, Upper School History teacher Andy Bigelow shared, “Jack was an outstanding member of my US History course. I could always count on him to add value to any class discussion, large or small. He has a vast cultural and historical literacy, and I also appreciated his positive energy and daily insight on current affairs.”

Upper School English teacher Matt Laufer added, “It’s easy to see that Jack is sublimely intelligent, fervently devoted to ideas and to his own growth and effortlessly kind. What some may not know is how attuned he is to his classmates and how genuinely concerned he is about human suffering. He has done as much as anyone to get the school working on behalf of local immigrants. And I was blown away in class one day when he went out of his way to suggest he’d talked too much and too long in a recent presentation and that his doing so had prevented two classmates from having their fair chance to demonstrate their ideas. Jack is as committed to fairness and the rights of others as he is to language—to poetry in particular—and the world of the mind.”

Parker looks forward to great things from Kahn and all of the members of the class of 2023.
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