Creative Nonfiction Shares the Fruits of Their Work

This past week, the students in Parker’s Upper School Creative Nonfiction elective invited the entire community to a special reading.

This class, taught by English Department Co-Chair Matt Laufer, explores the question of whether the numerous genres that are rooted in fact “can be as literary, as imaginative, as significant and as formula-defying as poetry or fiction.” And any of those in attendance who heard the inspired writing from the 10 students in this class provided an answer: Yes!

Seniors Fernando Degante, Charles Fardon, Max Keller, Malcolm Laris-Djokovic, Savanna Maness, Kiran Mathew, Leena Mehta, Sophia Rosenkranz, Alya Satchu and Eden Stranahan not only shared their work with those in attendance, but each introduced a fellow classmate’s work after a detailed study of their portfolio.

Laufer shared, “I was delighted by the quality of the prose, proud of the creative risks they took and moved by the way in which, in their introductions of each other, they showed an attuned eye and a warm, rich attentiveness. It was a heartwarming morning!” 

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