Senior Awarded Cboe Empowers Scholarship

Congratulations to senior Nariya Cooke on receiving a Cboe Empower Scholarship, securing her one of the five full-ride scholarships they awarded to Chicago students this year!

One of Cooke’s friends was a recipient of this scholarship last year, and they encouraged her to apply this season as she set her sights on her next educational destination. Cooke will attend Howard University next year, and this scholarship will cover the entire cost, including tuition, fees, books, supplies and room and board.

Cooke commented about her plans for the future: “I’ve always been interested in Howard. I have family members who are alumni, and I enjoyed hearing about their experiences and how much they enjoyed and appreciated it. Furthermore, I knew I wanted to go to a school where I would feel included and see myself in my teachers and classmates. To me, there is nothing more inspiring than being in an environment where you feel wanted, loved and embraced. Not only was Howard University ranked the #1 HBCU in 2022 but it also ranked the #1 HBCU that sends Black students to medical school. Considering my major in biology on a premed track, I feel confident that Howard will support me toward whichever career path I choose. Overall, I know Howard University is the best choice for me not only because of its comfort but also because of the academic foundation it will provide me with."

This is a tremendous accomplishment, and the Parker school community couldn’t be more proud!
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