Math Teachers Experience England at Oxbridge Program

Upper School Math teachers Robert Wilson and Christopher Riff and 6th grade Math teacher Robin Masters attended the Oxbridge Teaching Seminar Thinking Mathematically this past summer. The trio spent a week at the University of Cambridge with other educators from around the world learning about new problems and ways of thinking. 
“We were all students again,” Masters said. “It was a good reminder of how students feel when facing new problems. It’s uncomfortable and exhilarating.”
With teachers of various levels, the seminar discussed math problems that any grade might incorporate. Masters was grateful to have multiple Parker colleagues in attendance as they were able to discuss implementing what they learned in real time.
In addition to the math-specific portion, they also participated in other educational and cultural experiences, including watching an outdoor Shakespeare play, visiting an art gallery and going punting, which is boating in a long boat with a flat bottom. Riff and Masters found the experience enriching; they were excited to share what they had learned with the rest of the Math Department and encourage them to participate as well. 
The program is different every year, and Riff said he would enjoy attending again. “I would go on my own!” Riff said. “The content really made it an energizing experience.”
The Math Department hopes to send three members to next year’s program. Parker teachers continue to further their own learning and hone their craft through valuable professional development opportunities. Faculty members bring what they learn back to the classroom, ensuring students benefit from their experiences. 
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