Apples, Fall and the Junior Kindergarten

During the past couple of weeks, students from all three Junior Kindergarten classes have been visiting Quest Food Management Food Service Director Chef Zac Maness to discuss a special fall classic: apples.

Joined by parent/guardian volunteers, JK students traveled to the Parker PM room to spend time with Chef Zac and talk about the changing seasons, what we identify with these seasons and some favorite fall activities, like apple picking! Next, the students faced six different types of apples and compared them by shape, size, color and, after each student tried a slice, flavor and texture.

Chef Zac shared, “The students were enthusiastic about comparing the different flavors and textures of the apples. Some were super-juicy, others were very crispy, one apple was tart while another was incredibly sweet. In a time when all types of fruit are available at the grocery store year-round, I think it’s important to emphasize the seasonality of certain fruits, veggies and foods and why there is a season for these foods. We also touched on etiquette, such as waiting for everyone to be served before starting to eat, sanitation and proper handwashing and thinking about the food we eat and what is appealing or unappealing about certain flavors. We also stressed the importance of trying foods again and again since our taste buds change as we grow; something we didn't like two weeks ago may taste different this week.”

Parker thanks Chef Zac, for taking time out of the kitchen each week to work with the JKers, and the parent/guardian volunteers.

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