Senior Takes A Closer Look at Chicago Public Housing

Senior Genia Jefferson recently conducted an Independent Study researching the disparities within public housing and the history of public housing in Chicago.

Throughout the fall semester, Jefferson worked with History teacher Andy Bigelow and Parker parent and Research Director of the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities Amy Khare to learn as much about the topic as possible, and she presented her research findings to the entire class of 2024 during an assembly.

In her presentation, Jefferson educated her peers on the history of segregation and redlining in Chicago, dismantled stereotypes against people who live in public housing and public housing in general, and emphasized the importance of expanding public housing into well-served communities.

She shared, “Working with Amy opened my eyes to different coalitions supporting public housing expanding into more up-and-coming neighborhoods. I have decided to continue work on public housing with Amy by joining the Bring Chicago Home campaign.”

Bring Chicago Home highlights how housing is a right by reconstructing the Real Estate Transfer Tax as dedicated revenue for expanding public housing. Jefferson recently volunteered at a Bring Chicago Home house party that Khare hosted to educate and grow support around this coalition. She met Chicago Public Housing Museum Executive Director Dr. Lisa Yunn Lee and former Housing Commissioner Marisa Novara and learned more about their past, current and future efforts to increase public housing.
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