Big Sibling Relationships Strengthened at JK/SK Winter Games

Parker’s youngest students spent a morning with their senior Big Siblings immersed in a wide range of physical activities as part of the Physical Education Department’s annual JK/SK Winter Games.

Opening ceremonies welcomed each JK and SK student into the Draft Gym under a tunnel of their Big Siblings’ arms while music played and teachers and older students cheered them on. Younger students and their older friends formed teams, and everyone had a chance to connect before visiting the Big and Little Gyms for some fun.

Big Siblings led teams of Kindergarten students through 18 developmentally appropriate events, created by the PE faculty, that got bodies moving and laughter echoing. Older siblings helped their younger peers navigate balance beams, propelled them on scooters, led them in freestyle ski jumps and played hopscotch, pin-the-nose on the snowperson and so much more.

What a fantastic way to strengthen intergenerational bonds while having fun and getting one’s wiggles out!

Click here for photos from the experience.
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