The Circus Comes to MX

Lower and Intermediate School students recently attended a Morning Ex featuring The Actors Gymnasium, a circus school and theater company dedicated to expanding human and theatrical potential through the vital forms of circus arts by pushing the limits of physical, emotional and creative expression.

Three performers graced the Heller Auditorium stage and spoke about their experiences in the circus arts. Dizzy Lizzy performed a hula hoop act, spinning several hoops around her body all at once! She shared that she started circus acts when she was 12 years old and is well-versed in trapeze, silks, aerial tricks and acrobatics. When asked why she enjoys what she does, she said, “Life can be tricky, so sometimes it’s nice to see things that make you say, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that before!’”

Jean Carlos Claudio performed a mime act that included the use of a diabolo, commonly known as a Chinese yo-yo. Claudio got the crowd laughing with silly antics and audience interaction. Jared the Juggler then took the stage and showed his skills. His act ended with juggling while standing on top of a ball. He talked about how he taught himself to juggle and the importance of consistent practice. “Juggling is my passion, and I’m so grateful to share it!” Jared said.

The performance was entertaining and educational as the students asked several questions and learned what it takes to be successful performers. Parker is grateful to The Actors Gymnasium for visiting.

Click here for photos from the performance.
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