Take a Trip through the 4th Grade Egyptian Museum

Fourth grade students amazed the Parker community once again with the Egyptian Museum, the culminating activity of their recent studies of ancient Egypt.
As a first step in moving toward research-based studies, the “museum” format of the event required students to combine reading, writing and their knowledge of history to produce written and oral presentations of factual information pertaining to ancient Egyptian cultures. Students then leveraged new skills learned in their Art and Shop classes to create artifacts to assist them in their presentations.
On the days of the big event, 4th grade students wearing their handmade decorated collars took over the main hallways of the school. They staffed tables featuring personally constructed artifacts, labels with brief descriptions of the items and feature-length documents on their topics, which included Egyptian jewelry, military weapons and architecture, to name just a few!
Students from older and younger grades joined faculty, staff and 4th grade parents in visiting each station to learn more about the topics firsthand from the students.
This annual event provides an ideal forum for students to share their newfound knowledge with the larger community in a unique and engaging way that educates and delights all involved. The craftsmanship of their artifacts, the depth of their knowledge and the poise of their bearing stood as a testament to the expertise and professionalism of these student researchers.

Click here for photos from the museum.
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