Parent/Guardian Participation Challenge

Thank you to those who have already participated in this year’s Parker Fund Participation Challenge - your support has already been incredibly impactful!  As we head into the final weeks of the challenge, we wanted to remind you what the challenge is, what your grade can win if you participate, and how your grade is doing so far!

To encourage parent participation in the Parker Fund, each grade that reaches 85% participation by December 31st will win their choice of a fun, free, and fully planned in-person activity for either all students, parents, or families of that grade.  

We hope you’ll participate today for fun, prizes, but most importantly, Parker! We hope you will join us and your class and make a gift today at To see how your class is doing on the giving challenge, please check out your class participation below!  There is power in numbers! 
Nirmala Gonsalves
Sonali ’27, Kiran ’29, Devan ’32
Cindy O'Connor
Cate ’24, Evan ’27
Sarah Rassey
William ’30,
Madeleine ’34
Parents/Guardians in the winning grade(s) will vote on which in-person activity they would like for their grade’s students or parents.  Some ideas include a grade dance party, Chuck E Cheese, Ice Skating (winning 5th grade class did this last year), bowling, WhirlyBall, or shuffleboard!  

Please note: More than one grade can win! All grades who win this challenge will have in-person events held this spring.
Each gift helps support all that goes into the Parker experience and supports our students, teachers, and school.  Your family’s contribution also benefits each grade you have a child in!
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