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Reconstructing Democratic Education - a Virtual Conference

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Francis Parker School is sponsoring a free virtual conference as an outgrowth of an ongoing symposium in the journal Schools: Studies in Education, published by the University of Chicago Press, where authors have presented the stories and reflections of educators in schools, community programs, and universities.

In an age of climate disasters, extreme income inequality, conspiracy theories, anti-democratic movements, segregated schooling, pandemic, and more, the need for democratic education has never been greater, but it may also seem less viable than ever. Classics such as John Dewey’s Democracy and Education are still relevant, but they also invite us to re-invent education for today. If the goal of democracy is to give people the opportunity to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, then democratic education is the means of developing the knowledge and skills that an active citizenry must have.

We invite you to participate in an international conference on the promise and the vicissitudes of democratic education. The conference will begin with the stories and reflections of classroom and community educators about the design and meaning of democratic education. 

Don't miss out on the featured papers and speakers listed below: 
  • Educating for Democracy by Walter Feinberg with a Response
    by T. Elijah Hawkes
  • The Challenge of Enhancing Teacher Professional Identity and Capability in Cambodian Schools
    by Chanphurin Sam, Leo Casey, Seng Set, Pheung Pov, and Chankoulika Bo
  • Mutual Aid as Project and Practice: A Pandemic Collaboration Between an Elementary School Teacher and a Pre-service Teaching Professor
    by Priya Dieterich and Jen Bradley 
  • From Small Moments to Fundamental Principles of Democratic Education
    by Grinell Smith and Colette Rabin
  • Artful Community Inquiry: Envisioning Democracy Through Youth Media Practice
    by Ching-Chiu Lin
There will also be an opportunity to discuss your reflections on the power and the promise of democratic education!  REGISTER TODAY


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