Corinthians Morning Exercise

Since the school’s founding in 1901, Parker has begun our academic year with the Corinthians Morning Ex. Students gathered in the Heller Auditorium, where Principal Daniel Frank speaks and reinforces the belief that all individuals in our school community matter. Every year, there is a reading from Corinthians 12:14–26, reminding the assembly of Parker’s commitment to each individual in our community; this year 3rd grade teacher Ashleigh St. Peters read the selection. Additionally, to highlight how these ideals of our shared humanity and commitment to each other are global in scope, there were two additional pieces: physical education teacher Pat McHale read a piece by Native American activist Rebecca Adamson, and 6th grade math teacher Robin Masters read words from Jane Addams. Following these readings, Principal Frank led the audience in celebrating the accomplishments of Parker alum Ayanna Pressley ’92 in her political victory in Massachusetts this week. Finally, representatives from each grade, faculty and alumni, rose to place their pieces of the puzzle in the model home mosaic, as Drama Department Chair Leslie Holland Pryor led the audience in singing lyrics adapted from Aretha Franklin’s “The House the Jack Built.”

Click here for a photo gallery from this Morning Ex. 
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