First Grade Superheroes

By the Integrated Learning and Information Science Department
“Over the past several weeks 1st graders explored superheroes. Students read lots of books about the most famous superheroes, from Wonder Woman to Spiderman to Black Panther. We read books together and in small groups and collected information about each superhero's power and how they use that power to help their community…

“After 1st graders studied and learned about superheroes and how they use their powers to help the community, we set out to discover our own superhero identities! Using the brainstorming list of how a superhero could help at Parker, 1st graders created superhero profiles thinking about how they would help the Parker community if they were a superhero. They decided what their superpower is, how they would use that power to help Parker and their superhero name. The last step was designing their superhero logo! Students sketched out their ideas and then used Cricut design software to create their logo. Then using the library’s Cricut Cutter, we cut out their logos on iron-on material and created each 1st grader superhero's cape!”

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