Chicago Sports PA Announcer Tim Sinclair Addresses Morning Ex

Tim Sinclair’s iconic voice sounded all too familiar to Chicago sports fans during a Morning Ex this week. Sinclair serves as the public address announcer for the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Fire and the University of Illinois Illini. Senior Emre Emanet interviewed Sinclair, asking questions about how he began his career in sports and sharing some of his amazing accomplishments, including being the PA announcer for the NBA All-Star Game and a voice on video games in the NBA 2K series.

Sinclair discussed unique sporting achievements he has witnessed, his preparation before each game and ways he takes care of his voice. He also offered advice to students about public speaking.

“Know your stuff,” he said. “If you’re confident in what you’re saying, it helps take some of the nerves away.”

Sinclair spoke to the nuance of being the “reflection of the crowd” as an announcer and the importance of leading the crowd in both moments of excitement and lulls. “If you’re not authentically ‘you,’ an audience notices that,” he noted.

Sinclair has recently shown his authentic self on his TikTok feed, and some of his satirical posts about the pronunciation of players’ names have gone viral.

Among questions about interactions with players and requests to offer a booming rendition of his phrases for the Bears, Sinclair gave some overarching career advice.

“Don’t focus on an outcome, focus on an action,” he cautioned. “Actions like doing your job, doing it well, making sacrifices and being a good person can lead you to the outcome you’re looking for.”

Bringing the outside in with speakers like Sinclair reflects Parker’s mission by showing students the power of perseverance, the importance of hard work in achieving goals and how self-confidence goes a long way.
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