Appreciation Committee Valentine’s Day Sweets Table

The Appreciation Committee celebrated Parker faculty and staff this Valentine’s Day with an adorable table of sweets, including Hershey's Kisses, candy conversation hearts, chocolate-covered Oreos, chocolate chip and sugar cookies, and more!

Committee members decorated the table with heart-shaped balloons and a garland of felt hearts in various shades of pink and red.

Thank you to Appreciation Committee co-chairs, Nidhi Agrawal and Jen Friedlander, and committee members Debbi Bottjer, Jymme Chaouki and Carey Goldblatt for their work on this lovely project, and to the parents and guardians who contributed the many delicious treats.

The Committee presented the Valentine’s Day sweets table, along with a note expressing gratitude to faculty and staff, on behalf of all Parker parents and guardians.

If you would like more information about or to join the Appreciation Committee, please reach out to Nidhi and Jen.
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