Parker Rockers Deliver

Junior Kindergarten through 5th graders recently enjoyed a memorable Morning Ex when student bands from 4th and 5th grades performed for their peers. Excitement was in the air as the audience took their seats and saw the wide variety of instruments arranged on stage: Keyboards, guitars, drums, cello and an oboe! 

To start the show, Intermediate and Middle School Dean of Student Life Anthony Shaker welcomed everyone, and, recognizing that many in attendance may never have attended a live music concert, demonstrated appropriate ways to respond to music and to help musicians on stage know they are doing a good job. The Audience had a chance to practice clapping, snapping, arm waving, and stomping.

Shaker then introduced the stars of the show, the student members of the 4th and 5th grade Parker Rocker Bands. Fifth grade Rockers took the stage first, sharing their versions of The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun,” Coldplay and the Chainsmokers’ “Something Just Like This” and OneRepublic’s “I Ain’t Worried.” Fourth grade Rockers followed with their offerings of The Beatles “Let It Be,” Cold War Kids’ “Hang Me Up to Dry” and then closed the show with a stirring rendition of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song.”

These band performances were energetic and inspiring and took real guts from these Rockers. The audience loved every bit of music, and all had an opportunity to share their claps, snaps, and stomps in support of these Intermediate School musicians.

Parker Rockers is offered as part of the Parker P.L.U.S. after-school program, beginning last year as a 4th-grade band, and expanding this year to span both the 4th and 5th-grade levels. Under the guidance of music teacher Paul Gilvary, and with the assistance of fellow musician, assistant teacher and Parker alum David Ferreira-Hersh ’12, each band meets once a week to bring their talents together and work as a group to create the best ensemble they can. A student may join with an interest in vocals but find success playing bass guitar!

As the program expands, so does Parker Rockers’ tour schedule. They have performed in the Harris Center, in the Auditorium, at County Fair, and now for a Morning Ex! The community thanks our student performers and the adults who continue to support them in their musical endeavors!

Please enjoy videos of the performances here and photos here.
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