P.L.U.S. Kimbap Like That

Those at Parker are no strangers to the fun to be had in Parker P.L.U.S. classes. In fact, more than 80% of students in the Lower and Intermediate Schools have participated in a Parker P.L.U.S. class so they are familiar with the opportunities to attend a variety of mini-classes in multi-week sessions.

One of these classes, Ahn-nyung! (Hello! In bits of Korean), has operated for the past two years under the thoughtful guidance of Assistant Teacher Alice Park. This fun class allows students to learn Korean language and culture. They play games, listen to Korean fairy tales, learn traditional Korean instruments and songs and spend time learning the Korean language. Recently, the group celebrated Korean culture by cooking one of Korea’s traditional dishes, Kimbap. “Kimbap is made with rice, vegetables and meat rolled in gim, which is dried seaweed,” Park explained. “Almost like sushi, but Kimbap doesn't have raw fish inside.”

This group worked hard for many weeks preparing for this event, and the result was a delicious feast for both the stomach and the mind! After this event, Park further shared, “Kimbap making event was incredibly unique and unforgettable! Sharing food with our loved ones is an important aspect in Korean culture and doing so with my students, they were able to appreciate the Korean heritage and experienced different kinds of beauties of my country.”
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