Exploring Celebrations Across Cultures

By Mandarin teacher Gina (Lanjing) Dong and Spanish teacher Mario Arango
In our 7th-grade Spanish class, we’ve been working on some of the most popular winter celebrations around the world. To culminate our unit, our class collaborated with Mandarin Upper School classes to explore the celebration of the Lunar New Year. This joint effort was facilitated by Profe Mario, our 7th grade Spanish teacher, and Mrs. Dong, the US Mandarin teacher. Together, they orchestrated an engaging session, during which students shared their knowledge and experiences regarding Lunar New Year traditions.

During the session, the class enjoyed a beautiful video that demonstrated these traditions. Next, students participated in a knowledge-sharing game, allowing them to exchange what they had learned, followed by a hands-on craft session in which students worked together to make lanterns, immersing themselves in the artistic aspect of the celebration.

The class concluded on a delightful note as each student received a Chinese Hong bao from Mrs. Dong, adding a touch of authenticity to their Lunar New Year experience.

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