Senior Presents Independent Study on Economic Crisis and U.S. Policy

As part of his Independent Study, senior Krish Malhotra presented on his semester-long analysis of U.S. economic policy shifts during economic crises.

Through his project, “Economic Crises and their Effects on United States Policy,” Malhotra worked with History teacher Kevin Conlon to identify and research key policies and interventions that have taken place during past financial crises, beginning with the Great Depression of the 1930s through the 2008 financial crisis to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Malhotra determined the factors that influenced each policy decision, assessed their economic impact and evaluated the role of the decisions of various stakeholders, including policymakers, private sector players and the general public.

During finals week, Malhotra invited the community to a presentation of his research paper summarizing his findings and describing his process of conducting quantitative and qualitative research on the topic. He identified best practices and innovative policy solutions that have proven effective in various contexts throughout our nation’s history, sharing, “Investigating these best practices will help inform future decision-making processes and contribute to the ongoing debate on how governments can best address economic crises.”
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