Students Become Web Developers

Recently, students in Upper School Computer Science teacher Brianna Ifft’s class took part in the final project, CP2: Web Dev, and highlighted all they have learned this semester.

Ifft commented, “They did a wonderful job! During this project, each student chose a client to build a website for. They then interviewed the client to gather requirements, design preferences, content, etc. and sketched out a draft of their website. With their client’s sign-off on the sketch, the students began building their websites! They checked in with their clients each time they completed a new section of the website and iterated on their websites until their clients were happy.”

As these students studied computer sciences and learned about what it means to be a Web developer, this final project was the perfect capstone to provide them with a glimpse into a day in the life of a Web developer.

Click here to view these students work, and enjoy all of the hard work that brought these websites into being.
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