Fourth Grade Puzzles SK Students

Fourth grade Shop students recently paired up with Senior Kindergarteners to share their original jigsaw puzzle creations and build community.

Prior to this meeting, 4th grade student-artists spent a series of classes creating their puzzles. This process first required each student to plan and paint their creative design on a piece of wood. Next, students used coping saws to cut their designs into pieces and sanded the edges of each piece. As a final step, students carefully measured their puzzles and cut and glued wood pieces together to make frames for their puzzles.

Shop teacher Katie Palmer connected with SK teacher Nanci Moore to bring their students together in the Lower School shop so the younger students could try building these 4th grade jigsaw puzzles. At this gathering, younger students rotated from table to table, attempting to assemble the puzzle pieces in front of them.

Some puzzles proved more challenging than others for SK students to build, but the older students helped along the way, and the smiles and laughter echoing from the classroom highlighted the joy and community that resulted from this part of the curriculum.

Enjoy photos from this experience here.
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