Anna DeShawn on Chicago’s Queer Black History

Chicago’s very own Anna DeShawn kicked off Pride Week with a Morning Ex to share more about Chicago’s queer Black history.

Senior Kindergarten teacher Kirk La Rue introduced DeShawn as a social entrepreneur, storyteller and community organizer who is also the voice, talent and personality behind Queer News, an Ambie award-winning weekly news podcast that features race and sexuality meeting politics, culture and entertainment.

DeShawn shared an overview of the many Black people and organizations who helped ensure queer and trans Black Chicagoans had a seat at the various tables of power throughout the city’s history. Following the presentation, she fielded questions from 6th–12th grade students on her experience as a student, podcaster and activist, as well as her career trajectory and beyond.

Parker thanks DeShawn for sharing with students.

View photos from the experience here or a video of DeShawn’s presentation below.
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