Alderman Matt Martin Visits Upper School

Alderman Martin recently visited the school to meet with Upper School student members of the Parker Democrats.

As the 47th Ward alderman, Martin represents parts of the Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, North Center, Uptown, Andersonville and Lakeview neighborhoods in Chicago’s City Council. In this gathering with civic-minded students, he spoke of his love for the city and his constituents and his daily charge to find a healthy balance between being a legislator and an administrator.

Martin shared how his work as an alderman falls into one of three categories on a typical day: legislative and administrative work requiring his presence downtown; boots on the ground work with current constituents addressing the here and now; and initiatives with an eye towards the future, which allow for a little more fun in imagining what could be. Martin also spoke about the similarities and differences working under the two most recent mayoral administrations and fielded questions from students on the Bring Chicago Home proposal and the statewide issue of elected school boards.

All who attended left with a better understanding of Martin’s role in the local governmental process.

Parker thanks Alderman Martin, for taking the time to share with students, and the Parker Democrats student group, for orchestrating events like this throughout the year to better acquaint everyone with local and state Democratic leaders and democratic policies and processes in general.

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