PPM Welcomes Women’s History Month

The display board outside of the Parker PM classroom has been transformed for the month of March to embrace the theme of Women’s History Month.

Parker PM team member Anzetta Cherry has been the creative dynamo behind the Parker PM bulletin boards throughout this academic year. She received so much positive feedback on her recent Black History Month board and the female silhouette featured within it, she retained it as the focal point for her next board celebrating Women’s History Month.

After researching the commemoration, Cherry learned that purple, green and white were its official colors, so she added purple hearts to the preexisting silhouette’s Afro and prominently featured these colors within the palate of her new board.

Left of the silhouette, there is a brief timeline of how Women’s History Month came to be, along with a QR code offering additional information. Right of the silhouette is an area entitled “That’s What She Said,” which features names, occupations and quotes of 32 women noted for fighting for equality, pushing through adversities or simply standing up for what they knew was right throughout history.

Cherry was deliberate and thoughtful in selecting a diverse group of women, sharing, “I chose women we hear of commonly but also women who sometimes go unnoticed. It is still my primary goal to put DEIB at the forefront of all my boards. I want students in the halls to look at the board and see themselves and see the possibilities for their futures.”

Cherry’s latest display board has attracted crowds of students, teachers and parents/guardians alike, inspiring her to add an additional panel to the hallway supporting Pride Week at Parker, featuring coloring sheets and artwork accompanying a Pride Flag to demonstrate acceptance of all people in the Parker community.

She said, “I hope these boards are simply a seed I’m planting that will grow into curiosity and conversations around the school.”

Check out these displays here.
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