Third Grade Explores Chicago at Morning Ex

The 3rd grade came together to take the Morning Ex audience on a tour of Chicago. Working in groups, the students presented what they learned about various aspects of the city through a simulated tour for out-of-town guests.

The tour started in Lincoln Park where one group of students talked about the history and importance of parks in the city and shared a video about their trip to Lincoln Park. From there, the 3rd grade guides simulated the Red Line Fullerton stop to emphasize the importance of public transportation (complete with the expected sound effects). 

The el headed to Museum Campus, where the next group discussed the various museums in the city and their experience at the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. The tour then hopped on the CTA group’s number 3 bus to the Chicago Sports Museum, where the next group informed participants about Chicago's various sports teams in a newscast format. They highlighted the lack of female representation in the museum, despite Chicago being home to two professional female teams. 

The tour took a water taxi down the river so the skyscraper group could spotlight some of the city’s iconic architecture. They then headed to “Parkerpalooza,” where the next group honored Chicago’s food and music culture, including a dance party to house music—which originated in Chicago. The journey ended with one last trip on the CTA to O’Hare so the 3rd grade could send their out-of-town guests back home. 

This creative learning experience taught the 3rd grade the importance of collaboration and helped them understand more about the city they call home as they continue to grow as citizens in society. Thanks for showing Parker around, 3rd grade!

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