Sharing Cultures in 2nd Grade

Second grade students shared newfound knowledge about The Philippines, South Korea and Japan as part of a recent culminating curriculum celebration.

At the onset of this project, each 2nd grade classroom voted to determine which country they would study, and in the following weeks, students immersed themselves in learning more about their assigned country using books, online resources, classroom visits from community members with connections to these countries and Zoom-based classroom connections spanning the globe.

The 2nd graders investigated a wide range of topics within each of these countries and cultures, including arts, holidays/traditions, games, clothing, animals and more. They spent time in music classes learning each country’s traditional music and worked with Quest Food Management Services Food Service Director Chef Zac Maness to explore culinary delights associated with their country firsthand.

To provide students with an opportunity to share all they had learned with parents/guardians, teachers orchestrated a 2nd Grade Country Studies Sharing Celebration featuring musical performances, Chef Zac-baked refreshments and student-made informational boards and materials demonstrating their newly acquired knowledge. One student in attendance described the celebration as “like a science fair, but with countries and cultures.”

Parker thanks the teachers and students who made the County Share a success and a delight for all involved.

Enjoy photos from the experience here.
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