Juniors Create Great Café to Represent Gatsby

Juniors in English teacher Alicia Abood’s American Literature class wrapped up a fun project to mark the end of their study of the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

While students in other schools may be assigned a traditional paper, Abood decided to test how well her students had grasped the themes of the book by giving them the task of creating a Great Gatsby-themed restaurant. The students went to work and, after debating, decided to create a pop-up restaurant complete with plans for an actual physical location, uniforms, décor, food and drinks and even music they would play! Specific sections of The Great Gatsby backed up each aspect of their plan and reinforced their choices.

After seeing how well the students responded to the assignment and their enthusiasm for the task, Abood went one step further and invited alum, Parker parent and owner of The Weiner’s Circle Ari Levy ’99 to a “business pitch” from the students. He avidly listened as each group of students explained their ideas for their pop-up restaurant and why they chose those options. Levy gave them advice and offered feedback to help ensure the success and profitability of their proposals. Finally, he answered questions about his own career and things he’s learned operating The Wiener’s Circle.

Parker is extremely grateful to Levy for taking time out of his busy schedule to seriously examine and help these budding restaurateurs!

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