SOCA Members Explore Different Cultures

By Upper School SOCA Advisors
The Upper School Students of Color Affinity group kicked off the 2024 April Recess with a field trip entitled Cross-Cultural Exploration. The affinity groups that make up SOCA (Asian Alliance, Black Student Union, Organization of Latin American Students, Men of Color Heritage Affinity, Muslim Student Association, South Asian Student Alliance and Women of Color Affinity) provided suggestions to the adult sponsors, Ms. Pantoja, Ms. Shepard and Mr. Davis, for places/experiences they’d like to share with the entire group. Based on their responses, the sponsors determined the itinerary for the day. The locations visited are listed below:

The Upper School students, along with chaperones Ms. Shepard, Ms. Pantoja, Ms. Prahl and Mr. Carlsson, spent the day experiencing a variety of cultures through art and history. This day is unlike anything else we do in Upper School. Not only was the day filled with cultural experiences, it also allowed the students of color across grades to connect with one another. 

The students were asked, “What did the overall experience mean to you or what did you take away from the experience?” Sophomore Ewuraesi Korankye said, “I loved it so so so much because it allowed me to get to know other cultures beyond just my own. I mean going to different museums allowed me to realize that there are a lot of connections and overlaps between the ways in which my culture functions and how other cultures do.”

New-to-Parker freshman Trisen Phillips shared, “I wish we could have trips like this more than once a year.” 

Junior Spencer Dunbar expressed, “For once I felt comfortable and not judged for who I am. I was around people that are genuine, and I always enjoy being in spaces where I am seen and heard.”

“I'm so happy I went, I truly can’t imagine a better way to have spent my pre-break fun! I doubt anything could ever top this trip, but at the same time I'm ecstatic as to what future trips like this hold!” stated sophomore Suvali Ahuja.

Sophomore Paige Randell said it best: “I think that experiencing all of our cultures through art is very important and allows us to visually see triumphs and struggles within each group.”
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