Senior Considers Democratic National Convention Then and Now

Senior Harry Lowitz shared the fruits of his yearlong Independent Study connecting and comparing the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention and the upcoming 2024 DNC at a recent teach-in.

In this gathering, Lowitz shared the significance of the 1968 DNC for the city, America and the Democratic Party and explained that the upcoming event this August might be similarly consequential. Lowitz’s presentation touched on historical topics of free speech, U.S. military involvement abroad and the spirit of the Democratic Party—all of which are in question this summer just as they were 56 years ago.

At the conclusion of Lowitz’s presentation, History teacher and Independent Study Advisor Jeanne Barr gifted him with a copy of 1774: The Long Year of Revolution by Mary Beth Norton to honor him as a Gilder Lehrman History Scholar, which recognizes his scholarship and potential as an academic.

The Gilder Lehrman organization gave this book to Barr with a request that she give it to a promising and passionate history student of her choice. Lowitz was a natural choice, based on his work in Barr’s U.S. History class and his Independent Study, which built on that past experience.

While primarily a way for a teacher to honor students, this award also serves as an invitation to become involved with the Gilder-Lehrman Institute and its offerings—including exclusive historical content, classes and other programming—which Lowitz looks forward to learning more about. He said, “I am grateful to have been able to study U.S. History at Parker with Ms. Barr and to be recognized and encouraged to explore further.”

Parker congratulates Lowitz on his successful Independent Study and his Gilder Lehrman History Scholar accolade.
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