Parker’s Commitment

In the spirit of doing everything to help and nothing to hinder, Parker is committed to delivering a Parker education to the highest degree possible given the restrictions dictated by the pandemic. Parker will do everything possible to mitigate risk with health and safety as a top priority for students, employees and families. Flexibility and adaptability will be necessary for all in our community as Parker will look different, and the model is ever-evolving.

Plan Grounded in Medical Science According to the Following Guiding Principles

  1. The educational environment should prioritize safety and the well-being of the community, and be a prudent balance that considers questions of physical health, social-emotional health, academic health and the economic health of families and employees.

  2. We recognize that some members of our community are at increased risk from COVID-19, and that the virus has taken a disproportionate toll on communities of color, particularly African American and Latinx communities, and we are particularly empathetic to all affected.

  3. Recommendations must be grounded in science, and take into account the reality of local conditions, and be in line with—or exceed—guidance from health agencies and other applicable entities. 

  4. Recommendations will change as scientific knowledge increases, the local situation evolves and guidelines from health agencies change.

Informed by Multi-Disciplined Expertise in many fields and many roles:

Return to Campus Committee

*Current Parker Parent
Dan Frank—Principal
Bob Haugh—Chief Financial Officer
Rika Yoshida*—Board Chair

Dan Frank (RCC Co-Chair)—Principal
Sarah Butterfield—Executive Assistant to the Principal
Nichole Charfoos*—Trustee; Parents’ Association Co-Chair
Anny Gary*—Trustee
Nick Saracino*—Director of Communications
Dan Frank (RCC Co-Chair)—Principal
Sarah Beebe—Educational Technology Integration Specialist: Grades JK–5; Faculty Association Vice President
Justin Brandon*—Head of Upper School
Sven Carlsson—Director of Studies (Grades 6–12)
Mary Catherine Coleman—LS and IS Library and Information Services Specialist
Pete Evans*—Director of IT
Barbara Hunt—Director of Studies (Grades JK–5)
Lucinda Lee Katz—Honorary Trustee; Consulting Educator
Kirk La Rue—SK Teacher; DEI Co-Chair
John Novick—Head of Intermediate and Middle Schools
Katie Palmer*—Cross Divisional Art Teacher
Kaela Rowe*— Counseling Department Chair
Bobby Starks—Director of Athletics
Kimeri Swanson-Beck—Head of Lower School
Kingsley Tang—Music Department Chair; DEI Co-Chair
Xiao Zhang—US Science Teacher
Finance and Facilities
Bob Haugh (RCC Co-Chair)—Chief Financial Officer
Eric Bruozis—Trustee
Rick Dusing—Director of Facilities 
Karen Fisher—Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
Alex Franke—Director of Auxiliary Programs
Josh Lowitz*—Trustee
Jonathan Turk—Trustee
Human Resources/Legal
Bob Haugh (RCC Co-Chair)—Chief Financial Officer
Vicki Lee—US Math Teacher; Faculty Association President
Elizabeth Samuels*—Trustee
Laureen Sweers—Director of Human Resources
Advised by: Dr. Emily Landon—Executive Medical Director Infection Prevention, University of Chicago
Rika Yoshida* (RCC Co-Chair)—Board Chair
Anne Nelson—School Nurse
Isabel Polsky, MD*—Trustee; Consulting MD
Ricardo Rosenkranz, MD*—Consulting MD
Kaela Rowe*—Counseling Department Chair
Eric Terman, MD*—Consulting MD
Francis W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders in a diverse democratic society and global community.